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Project management:  I.Cowie, D.Lewis.

Design and testing: I.Cowie, D.Lewis, D.Albrecht.

Photographic images and editing: I.Cowie, B.Stuckey, D.Albrecht, J.Russell Smith & D.Lucas, D.Bisa or as acknowledged.

Botanical illustrations: M.Osterkamp-Madsen, M.Andrews or as acknowledged.

Flora descriptions: P.Short, I.Cowie, C.Dunlop, G.Leach, R.Kerrigan, D.Dixon, R.Harwood, also D.Albrecht, R.Barker, B.Crase, L.Craven, D.Forman, B.Jackes, L.Jessup, C.Mangion, J.Palmer, P.Wilson or as acknowledged. Eucalypt descriptions courtesy of Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research.

Conservation information: I.Cowie, J.Westaway, R.Kerrigan, D.Albrecht.

Southern region flora information: D.Albrecht, P.Latz.

Ecological attributes information: M.Gardiner, J.Russell Smith, D.Albrecht, K.Brennan, I.Cowie, P.Latz.


MacDonnell Ranges Interactive Flora

Main Contributors: 

David Albrecht - project concept, character lists, species coding & data entry, diagnostic characters, photography, fact sheet data.

Mark Harris - species coding, data entry, photography, layout design and construction, character state illustrations, image manipulation and photography.

David Maynard - species coding, data entry, photography, layout design and construction.

Sally Mumford - character state illustrations.

Ian Cowie - sourcing of funding for web enablement, incorporation to FloraNT, loading of keys to LUCID Key Server, fact sheet links, diagnostic characters, data migration, factsheet upgrade, testing.

Nick Cuff - diagnostic characters.

Peter Jobson - diagnostic characters.

Donna Lewis - sourcing of funding for web enablement, incorporation to FloraNT, install LUCID Key Server, fact sheet links, factsheet upgrade, testing.

Other Contributors:

Species coding - Jenny Purdie, Glenis McBurnie, Colin Courbet, Jenni Low Choy, Raelee Kerrigan, Catherine Nano, Anna Murphy, Ian Clarke, William Clarke, Julie Fielder.

Data entry - Debbie Randell, Hilary Coulson.

Photography - Jenny Purdie, Bruce Thomson, Anne Urban, Michael Barritt, Andrew Schubert, Colin Wilson, Barry Allwright, Bruce Fuhrer, Murray Fagg.

Photography (weeds) - Sheldon Navie, Rob Richardson, Fiona Richardson, Rod Randall.

Image manipulation - Joe Henderson.

Character state illustrations - Monika Osterkamp.

Collection of specimens for coding - Peter Latz, Colin Courbet.

Propagation and entry of ethnobotany data - Tim Collins.

Sourcing of project funding - Peter Latz, Ian Cowie, Donna Lewis.

Project concept - Kevin Thiele.

LUCID - Matt Taylor.

Database and GIS - Angus Duguid.

Image scanning - Coleen O'Malley and Threatened Species Network.

Funding for web-enablement - Bush Blitz Applied Taxonomy Grant.

Euclid and Key to Australian Plants Families - Judy West (permission to use character state illustrations), Siobhan Duffy and Andrew Slee (assistance with sourcing Euclid character state images).

Some illustrations are after Flora of Victoria and Flora of New South Wales -

Foreman, D.B. and Walsh, N.G. (1993). Flora of Victoria, vol. 1. Inkata Press, Melbourne.

Walsh, N.G. and Entwisle, T.J. (1994,96,99). Flora of Victoria, vol. 2-4. Inkata Press, Melbourne.

Harden, G.J. (1990-1993). Flora of New South Wales, Vols 1-4. (NSW University Press: Sydney).