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Phoenix dactylifera L.
Common Name: Phoenix, Date Palm
Aboriginal Language Names: Jaru: no Jaru name
Description: A distinctive species most commonly seen in cultivation around Alice Springs. It is the only palm growing in the bioregion with pinnate leaves. The lower leaflets are transformed into rigid spines and the ripe fruit are yellow to orange-brown.
Similar Taxa: Younger plants that have a very short trunk, could possibly be confused with the cycad, Macrozamia macdonnellii, however the former has leaflets that are mostly folded inwards (from margins towards centre) and sometimes split along the midvein towards the base, and the flowers (and fruits) are never aggregated into cones.


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Introduced Status: Introduced to NT
First Collected in NT: 09/02/1973
Bioregion: Darwin Coastal, Finke, MacDonnell Ranges, Mitchell Grass Downs

Habitat: Non-cultivated plants have been recorded only from intermittent watercourses.

Ecological Attributes

Flowering: Apr
Fruiting: Feb, Apr

Other Attributes

Conservation Status (TPWCA): Least Concern
Restricted Range Taxon: N
NT Parks: Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park
Flora Description Source: Unpublished notes prepared for FloraNT

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