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Finlaysonia obovata Wall.
Common Name: Finlaysonia
Description: Not available
Diagnostic Characters: Small white flowers c. 7 mm L; fruit 5-8 cm L; petiole 7-20 mm L, leaf blade obovate-oblong, conspicuously reticulate below. C. grandiflora: petioles and midribs slightly reddish or purplish-coloured; lf blades ovate to oblong; younger branches and leaves always glabrous, flowers usually pale pink with a much deeper coloured throat; paired fruit commonly each more than 10 cm long. C. madagascariensis: leaves with yellowish-green coloured petioles and midribs; lf blades ovate to elliptic; younger branches and leaves sometimes slightly hairy; flowers usually uniformly bright pink or purplish; paired fruit are always each less than 10 cm long.
Similar Taxa: Cryptostegia grandiflora, C. madagascariensis.


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Introduced Status: Native to NT
Bioregion: Cape York Peninsula, Darwin Coastal

Ecological Attributes

Flowering: Apr, Jul
Fruiting: Apr, Jul, Nov

Other Attributes

Conservation Status (TPWCA): Data Deficient
Restricted Range Taxon: N
NT Parks: Kakadu National Park
Flora Description Source: Mangroves of the Northern Territory, Australia - identification and traditional use

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