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Xanthostemon paradoxus F.Muell.
Common Name: Xanthostemon
Aboriginal Language Names: Jaminjung, Ngaliwurru, Nungali: Niyandij (Jam, Ngal)MalakMalak, Matngala: Kipin (Mat)Wagiman: bortbabinWarray: burdu
Description: Tree 4-12 m; bark grey, rough, flaky. Leaves alternate; petioles 4-20 mm long; blades discolorous, glabrous throughout or only above to densely puberulous throughout, narrowly to broadly elliptic, 50-140 mm long, 26-75 mm wide, base obtuse to attenuate, apex obtuse. Inflorescence cymose, in upper axils, all parts glabrous to puberulous, 25-70 mm long, bracts caducous. Pedicels 6-10 mm long. Hypanthium c. 3 mm long, 4-7 mm wide. Calyx lobes triangular, 1.6-3.5 mm long, acute, margins ciliate even in glabrous forms. Petals yellow, the blades ovate to orbicular, 4-5 mm long, ciliate. Stamens yellow, in 1 whorl, free or slightly fused at the base, arising from the margin of a slightly exserted disc, 20-27 mm long. Fruit globose, 7-13 mm long, glabrous.
Image: I.D. Cowie
Image: B.M. Stuckey
Image: I.D. Cowie
Image: I.D. Cowie
Image: M.R. Andrews
Notes: Variation in leaves and fruit is discussed by Wilson (1990). The species has a hard, dense timber.


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Introduced Status: Native to NT
Bioregion: Arnhem Coast, Arnhem Plateau, Central Arnhem, Central Kimberley, Daly Basin, Darwin Coastal, MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Kimberley, Ord Victoria Plain, Pine Creek, Sturt Plateau, Tiwi Cobourg, Victoria Bonaparte

Habitat: In the DR found in a variety of habitats from moist sites to rocky ridges.

Ecological Attributes

Flowering: irregular
Fruiting: irregular

Other Attributes

Conservation Status (TPWCA): Least Concern
Restricted Range Taxon: N
NT Parks: Black Jungle / Lambells Lagoon Conservation Reserve, Fish River Gorge Block, Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve, Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, Howard Springs Hunting Reserve, Judbarra / Gregory National Park, Kakadu National Park, Keep River National Park, Keep River National Park Extension (Proposed), Litchfield National Park, Mary River National Park, Nitmiluk National Park, Umbrawarra Gorge Nature Park
Flora Description Source: Flora of the Darwin Region

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